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This game was very fun... UNTIL I FOUND OUT YOU HAVE TO BUY 90% OF THE GAME!!! Very disappointed Nintendo.


You dont do anything its NOT Mario brothers

It appears to be free but is not

The first three levels are free and then you have to pay $10 to play rest. I was so excited about this game and Im extremely disappointed that it is actually $10

Youre kidding

You still give me the limitations of a free to play game with a full purchase? I can only race a friend 1-5 times a day with a full purchase? Geez no wonder Nintendo has fallen off. Nintendos biggest enemy is themselves.

Real Review

So I made some bad reviews because I got really mad at the game but that was only because I tried to get all of the different colored coins without figuring out where they were first. And the second reason is because you have to buy the rest of the worlds after world 1.

I got scammed

I deleted the game and linked to Nintendo and payed for full game then I reinstalled this app and it said error code 804-3905 what a scam

Love the game except one thing!

I have to pay for others courses!

0 stars

Im an avid super mario fan. I grew up playing the game. This app is blasphemy to the super Mario name. It is a big scam and all they want is your money. Instead of showing love to the true super MARIO fans out there and offering a sincere experience, they abuse the most loyal Mario fan base, not even trying to hide they are just a bunch of greedy developers that just want your money. Nintendo and the true Mario is rolling over in his grave with this app

Where is China?

This game has a very very very very big mistake,where is China in the page of picking the country…… Speechless……

Fun, but Misleading

The mechanics are fun, but they do not warn you that as soon as you learn the basics you are required to pay $10 before you can continue. The description says that it is free to download and after you purchase the game no other payment is required. This is incredibly misleading and $10 for a mobile game is a lot.

Stupid Clock

and The decvies

Connection issues

I have the game on 2 devices, one has not connection issue and the other ( most recent one ) never connects. Please fix the issue.

Fun while it lasted

$10 is a bit high for this game Id say, and it doesnt tell you you have to pay until your clear the first world. I was having fun but cant do $10 to play the rest

Fine game

I hate how you have to pay for the next level though you should make it free it would be better

Get with the times Nintendo!

Asking the average mobile gamer to this much money just doesnt work. And personally I wouldnt even pay this much money for this game if it was on console or PC. A free game with in app purchases is just what works now a days. They really missed up on this one. And I agree, the one star reviews are too small but we shouldnt be seeing 4.5-5 star reviews.... those are just Nintendo fanboys that dont know Good games because all they eat drink and breathe is Nintendo. This is easily a less than average game

Not worth the cost

Tried the free levels and while fun for a few weeks I dont feel it is worth $10 to unlock the full game.

You have no choice

This game FORCES you into things. I just wanted to play the game but all the pop ups forced me to look at different parts of the game. It gave me NO CHOICE. I was forced to look at "messages ". I had to check out dumb stuff. You NEED to fix that because too much stuff is going on for a simple game

No landscape mode!

This game would be a lot better if I could play in landscape mode on the ipad

Nice but

Why do you have to pay for levels I dont like it

Love it

Worth the 10 bucks! Just wish they would include more levels.

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